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ECH Electric Chain Hoist

Product Introduction
ECH electric chain hoists are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with European FEM, EN standards and German DIN standards, and meet ISO and China’s GB and JB standards. These hoists boast compact structure, reliable performance, durable services and extensive applications.
The unique design, standardized and humanistic, improves operating performance while reducing maintenance costs. The maintenance-free design of the main parts requires no replacement in under safe and standard use, and only routine maintenance is needed. The modular design allows flexible combinations, quickly meets customers’ specific demands and makes maintenance easier. The products can be used with manual or motorized trolleys to be mounted on light girder suspension cranes, monorail cranes, jib cranes or bridge cranes. The combination of motorized trolley subject to variable frequency control and high speed hoist offers you with flexible and efficient lifting operations.
Product FeaturesCompact structure, durable serviceability, high performance cost
Range of productsMaximum lifting load: 5t

Product Parts

Reduction Gearbox
Hoisting Motor

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