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Clean Room Crane

Product Introduction
While carrying out material handling operation in a “white room” in electronic workshops, precision instrument workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops, etc., Eurocrane clean room cranes can meet the strictest hygienic requirements and dust-free operation while performing lifting functions.
In production, we make strict selection of materials and parts to ensure products to be free of contaminations. Made of stainless steel, using wire ropes and conveyor belts made from Dyneema fiber, and designed to be a fully enclosed drive structure, the electric hoists have smooth surfaces, which makes it possible to clean dust at any time. With the clean hoisting equipment, customers can easily minimize the risk of contamination.
Product FeaturesCompact structure, safety and reliability, cleanness and environmental protection, and easy cleaning
Range of productsMaximum lifting load: 16
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ApplicationOptics Material, New Material, Clean Room


Optic Materials
New Materials
New Materials

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