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Explosion-proof Crane

Product Introduction
Eurocrane explosion-proof electric cranes consist of gas explosion-proof (zones 1 and 2) and dust explosion-proof (zones 21 and 22) models. The gas explosion-proof models are applicable to classes A/B/C and areas with T4 temperature. Their levels of protection are up to IP66; the dust explosion-proof models are applicable to varied combustible dust and areas with T4 requirements.
The products are all manufactured in compliance with the latest European standards,ATEX100a(94/09/CE) and CE, so that they meet the latest standards of explosion-proof products. Eurocrane is able to provide products suitable for 2 gas zones 1 and 2 and dust zones 21 and 22 as required by customers and meet China’s relevant standards at the same time.
Product FeaturesConformity to European standards, international quality, safety and reliability, multiple options
Range of productsMaximum lifting load: 20t
Specification See Details
ApplicationPetrochemical Engineering, Petroleum Processing, Coal Mining


Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Coal Mining
Petrochemical Engineering

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