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2018, Another Milestone in Eurocrane’s Effort To Position Chinese Cranes to World Stage



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Look back to the past and look forward to the future. On January 13th, Eurocrane held a grand dinner party with the theme of “originality, ingenuity and confidence”, retrospected 2018 with all employees and partners, when they went to all lengths to work, and looked forward to a beautiful 2019.


Eurocrane’s Originality –to position Chinese Cranes to world stage. We are aim to making “made is china” synonymous with advanced technology, high quality and high reliability, and let Chinese product receive worldwide recognition from customers and make customers feel proud of Chinese products.


Eurocrane’s Ingenuity-to inherit the soul of a craftsman and create the soul of products. With a dedicated, persistent and innovative spirit, with the companion of time, we aspire to  build a spirit of craftsman with unremitting efforts.


Eurocrane’s Confidence-to take the path of self-reliance. Eurocrane knows it well that only by struggling and achieving self-reliance can a corporate brand survive and develop, reap a harvest and have a promising future.


2018: ‘Heaven rewards the diligent’

“Heaven rewards the diligent” is the best reward for the spirit of ingenuity.

2018 is a fruitful year for Eurocrane.


Eurocrane has made outstanding achievements in product innovation.


Introduced new automated cranes into the market and led the development trend of industry.


Upgraded remote monitoring system in an all-round way and integrated humanity, efficiency and safety perfectly.


Further expanded explosion-proof products and intensified the advantages of the products.


Focused on high quality development, drove the deep fusion between big data, intelligence and high-end manufacturing actively, distributed new technologies and new industries and won a “Suzhou Quality Award” given by the government.


Obtained 18 authorized patents, including 1 patent for invention, 17 patents for utility models and 5 authorized copyrights for software. In 2018, the company applied for 34 scientific and technological projects successfully.


Eurocrane has also made a major breakthrough in business management


Implemented lean management, introduced a “zero defect culture”, injected new power into the company and became more mature in management.

Built an incentive management system and carried out a restrictive share incentive plan to enable more people to be the master and become shareholders.

Refined the training system, created a better platform for improving the overall quality of employees and attract more talented people to join the family of Eurocrane.


Eurocrane has also won more approval and recognition from customers


Made breakthroughs in the fields of explosion prevention metallurgy.


Developed 8 regions in the world in a collaborative way. The projects covered 55 countries and also drove the growth of local partners.


Eurocrane has set up another monument on the road to internationalization


On December 10, 2018, Eurocrane finished all transfer matters regarding the acquisition of Voithcrane, an Austrian company, also a pioneering brand in European automated crane industry in Linz, Austria. This international acquisition was not merely a business activity. It stood for a saltatory takeoff and one step closer to the originality to “position Chinese cranes to world stage”. No matter how long the journey was, the originality remained unchanged and Eurocrane would forge ahead throughout.


In 2018, Eurocrane pooled energy, adhered to the business philosophy of “customer first and quality first”, focused on customer needs, continued to create technical and brand advantages and offered competitive cranes and logistics & transportation solutions and services. It has laid a solid foundation for future development using practical actions.


In 2019, the Dream and Road are Underfoot

Cheerful applauses not only stand for a joy for harvest, but also an expectation for future. As for Eurocrane, ideas are the forerunner, innovation is the driving force, culture is the soul, the team is the core, profits are the strength, the responsibility is the incumbency, the risks are the guarantee and the development is the goal. In 2019, with corporate culture as the cornerstone, Eurocrane will continue to insist on promoting development through operation, focus on four driving forces of development and pave the way for dreams:


“Innovation+ steadiness”: to continue to enhance the company’s core competitiveness using innovation, elevate the market confidence of the company and the employees through steady development;


“Adjustment+ transformation”: to establish a long-term internal control mechanism, which is composed of four parts: “supervision over operation, self-evaluation, defect rectification and system refinement”, transform from traditional business to innovative business, adapt itself to the new normalcy, look for a new driving force and realize new development.


Guard+ lean”: to guard against all corruptions and squanders, seek benefits from management, to make the costs calculable, the risks controllable, the benefits obtainable and the commercialization sustainable, shifts from exterior expansion to interior growth, from extensive operation to fine management;


Team + execution”: to focus on the implementation of the strategy of “making the company more powerful with talents”, strengthen the team building of the company and improve the executive force of the team.


The future is an expectable and promising year.

The future is a year under our own feet.

The future is not to lose originality, while insisting on ingenuity and building confidence.

Eurocrane starts from now and anticipates future.


Winning the market with quality and creating a future with science and technology. Eurocrane (China) Co., Ltd. upholds intelligence solutions, green manufacturing and lifecycle services. With “inheriting the soul of fine craftsmanship, taking the road of self-reliance and positioning Chinese cranes to world stage” as the mission, it will continue to adhere to the notion that “professionalism builds quality and innovation creates value”, keep improving products and services, make customers satisfied and dedicate to becoming a leader in the global crane and material handling industry.


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