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President of Eurocrane won the award of “The Most Innovative New Leader among Suzhou Merchants” at the 2018 Suzhou Merchant Conference



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On August 8, sponsored by Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association (SDPA), the “2018 (6th) Suzhou Merchant Conference” was grandly opened in Nanjing. With the theme of “Forty Years of Honing: the Re-breaking and Remaking of Innovators”, more than 600 elites from the government, industry, universities and research institutes gathered in Nanjing. Ma Qiulin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, attended the conference and made a speech to pay homage to 40 years of reform and opening up.

On the evening of the same day, the nomination and awarding ceremony of the 2018 SDPA Member Association, aka “Pioneers in Reform• Glorious Suzhou Merchants: 40 People (Enterprises) during the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up” was grandly opened. Jin Hongping, President of Eurocrane (China) Co., Ltd., won the award of “The Most Innovative New Leader among Suzhou Merchants during the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up”. 

With an international vision and ambition, “to continue to build technical and brand advantages and let Chinese enterprises go global” is the dream, and also the responsibility and mission of President Jin. Under her leadership, Eurocrane keeps “the spirit of craftsman” in mind, focuses on “professional, fine, special and new”, takes initiative to seize industrial opportunities in the general context of industrial transformation and upgrading, emphasize being innovation-driven, propels corporate transformation, promote the fusion between informatization and industrialization actively, integrate big data, intelligence and industrial manufacturing in depth, advocate intelligent solutions, green manufacturing, efficient and reliable industrial standards, drive the development of crane and material handling industries and inject a new gene into the economic and social development of Jiangsu, with practical actions. 


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