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Military Industry

The military industry takes on the tasks of national defense research and production and engages in the development, production and operation of weaponry for the state’s armed forces. The military industry is the mainstay of national security, and every power has its own distinctive path for the development of the military industry. We would prefer to cooperate with the enterprises which possess the dreams of serving our country, jointly boosting boost the development of China’s military industry to make it have a strong “core”.

  1. Military Industry
  2. Aeronautics and Astronautics
  3. Food/ Pharmaceutics
  4. Nuclear Power/Energy
  5. Tunnel Shields
  6. Wind Power
  7. Automobiles
  8. Waste Disposal
  9. Paper-making/Pulp
  10. Engineering Machinery
  11. Rail Transportation
  12. Metallurgy
  13. Petrochemical Industry
  14. Ships
  15. Metal
  16. Mining
  17. 11

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