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Eurocrane’s Science & Technology Support Program of Jiangsu Province successfully passed acceptance



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On Nov 24th 2017, having been commissioned by the Science & Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, the Science & Technology Bureau of Fenhu High-Tech Industrial Development Zone gathered some experts to carry out an acceptance inspection over the Design & Development of Dust-free Electric Hoist Overhead Crane for High-Precision Clean Room program (ID: BE2014828), which is a Science & Technology Support Program (Industrial Sector), undertaken by Eurocrane.


The acceptance meeting was held at 9:00 a.m. as scheduled and hosted by the deputy chief of the Science & Technology Bureau, Mr. Sun Xiang. The chief technology officer (project leader), Mr. Yuan Xiufeng gave a report on the program and answered all the questions raised by the attending experts. 


Later on, the experts on the acceptance board and leaders of Fenhu Science & Technology Bureau carefully examined our crane workshop in the company of our CTO, Mr. Yuan Xiufeng.

carefully examined our crane workshop in the company of our CTO, Mr. Yuan Xiufeng.

The acceptance board listened closely to Mr. Yuan Xiufeng’s summary, R&D technical report, test report, special audit report and user report of the program, checked relevant documentation, reached consensus that the program had achieved various targets specified in the contract and agreed to let it pass the acceptance inspection. 


Project Introduction


1. Product Technical Indicators:

1)Cleanliness: below 1000;

2)Cleanliness of electric clean room hoist in is up to ISO Class 1-ISO Class 3 based on different requirements for clean rooms;

3)IP65 protection class employed on electric control system;

4)Maximum lifting load: 16t and below;

5)Span: 34.5m and below;

6)Maximum lifting height: 36m and below.


2. Program Result:

The duration of the program was June 2014 ~ June 2017. During its implementation period, we developed a special steel girder, optimized the electric control system, power supply system and lifting device, solved some key problems such as the system’s static electricity and dust prevention based on the requirements for cranes used in high-precision clean room cranes. Our products have passed the type test run by the Special Equipment Safety Supervision & Inspection Research Institute of Jiangsu Province and met the requirements for crane type test.


During the program’s implementation period, we obtained 2 invention patent licenses, 11 patents for utility model and developed our corporate standard named Electric Clean Room Hoist Overhead Cranes for (Q/320584GDA001-2014), and got the High-Tech Product Certificate from the Science & Technology Department of Jiangsu Province.


Up till today, the equipment used in the clean rooms of China’s medical, food, chemical and electronics industries are major imported from other countries and we are still at the initial stage of developing our own dust-free equipment. In such an industry background, our high-precision clean room cranes not only filled China’s gap in this area, but also fit China’s market demand for clean equipment, thus is bound to have a promising development prospect.


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