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Live green with Eurocrane – Eurocrane won Excellent Supplier Award presented by papermaking giant Stora Enso



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As economy grows, environmental protection is increasingly becoming an important issue in our life, particularly in the packaging industry where the application of various eco-friendly material has become the industry’s development trend and the plastic bags that were mainly made of polyethylene has gradually been replaced by coated paper bags. Though everyone may still be unfamiliar with coated paper, it actually has already been widely used in every aspect of our life: e.g. paper cup, fast food container, milk carton, packing box, book cover, handbag and so on are all made of coated paper. Why is it so popular? Products made of coated paper not only enjoy superb quality, but are also waterproof, damp roof, more environmental friendly compared to plastic ware or other material, easily degradable and reusable. As a new green packaging material, its scope application is getting increasingly wider and its market prospect is very promising.


World papermaking giant, Stora Enso seized this market opportunity and spent 800 million euros in building a plant in Beihai, China. Its polyethylene coated paper production line went into production on Dec 19th 2017. The production line has employed advanced equipment and technology as well as high sanitary standard to ensure its product safety. The production line was started in October 2016, set a record of zero man-hour loss and the cranes used in the project were made by Eurocrane.


Paper crane is an indispensable link in papermaking process and its requirement for damp proof dust-free environment puts an even high requirement on cranes. Cranes in papermaking industry need to work on a tight schedule and production downtime generates a very high cost. Therefore, the reliability of cranes has a direct impact on the efficiency and continuity of the entire papermaking production line. As a renowned paper group, Stora Enso attaches great importance to its quality control and only picks the finest equipment in the industry. As one of the renowned brands in the crane industry, Eurocrane became Stora Enso’s partner after many rounds of selection and was chosen to provide lifecycle product solution. Besides the coated paper production line, Eurocrane also provided multiple lifting equipment and service-operation solution kit for Stora Enso’s phase-I project, the 450 thousand ton liquid packing paper production line.


With the outstanding performance of our crane product and services, Eurocrane played an important part in the successful commissioning and operation of Stora Enso’s project. We were honored with Stora Enso’s “2016-2017 Excellent Supplier Award” at the opening ceremony of the coated paper production line on Dec 19th


What we have accomplished is only the past. Eurocrane will continue to care to our clients’ demands, do our best to provide competitive cranes and logistics transport solutions and services, and continue to create greater value for its clients. We will certainly continue our success in 2018!


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