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Eurocrane honored by Wujiang District Committee for quality development



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In the afternoon of February 24th, at the beginning of the new year, Wujiang Districtovernment held the Pep Rally for Quality Development, during which the outstanding enterprises of 2017 were honored for starters. Eurocrane won the four honorary titles, namely Top 100 Enterprise of Wujiang District, Top 100 Taxpayer, Provincial Corporate Technology Center and Outstanding Investor Beyond Borders & Economic Partner awarded by Wujiang District.


The secretary of Wujiang District Committee, Mr Shen Guofang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Mr Shen stressed that entrepreneurs in Wujiang District should continue to develop their enterprises, gradually strengthen and expand the foundation of quality development, define the direction and path of quality development step by step and try to achieve the goal of quality development with even stronger sense of responsibility. He hoped these outstanding enterprises of Wujiang District would succeed in building intelligent industry, training emerging economy and improving quality brand through change in “Quality, Efficiency and Driving force” and make greater contribution to Wujiang District’s development.


In 2017, Eurocrane successfully became listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange, seized the opportunity of the time, devoted itself to innovation and creation, focused on quality development, aggressively promoted further integration of big data, intelligence and high-end manufacturing, expanded its business layout to new technologies and industries, picked up its pace of becoming a global force, enhanced its driving force for further development and continued its momentum of sustainable and healthy development.


In 2018, Eurocrane will make the most of the capital market, fully carry forward its course of becoming a international force and try to build itself into an intelligent manufacturer with international brand, products and marketing system.


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