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Working with one heart and one mind for a better future - Eurocrane won Caterpillar’s bronze medal for quality supplier



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On Dec 22nd 2017, the Engineering Machinery Division of Eurocrane reached another milestone - passing Caterpillar’s SQEP certification and winning the SQEP bronze medal for quality presented by Caterpillar’s vice president, Mr. Chen Qihua.


SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process) is an examination system Caterpillar uses to carry out an overall evaluation of its supplier’s quality index (PPM), delivery performance (SSP), process capacity (CPK) and new product development (PPAP).


Looking back over the year, in order to strengthen our seamless collaboration with Caterpillar, we continued to promote the “BIQ project” inside the company and took an active part in the CSCL “Phoenix Project”, which not only made us score 160 in PPM YTD, but also enabled us to build a problem solving channel of direct communication and fast response with Caterpillar. Through direct communication, we were able to deepen our trust with Caterpillar, further strengthen our seamless collaboration, improve our adaptability to market changes and create an environment in which we help each other succeed.


With the implementation of the “Phoenix Project in 2017, we rechecked the entire manufacturing process of Caterpillar products through on-the-spot audit; reassessed the DT MAP of all products’ PPAP/CP/PFEMA as well as weld assembly and compared them to the implementation on site, dig up our problems and tried to categorize and improve them. Such moves not only improved the stability of the process, but also enabled us to build a “FEMA” database of our own.


In the meanwhile, we took investment in equipment very seriously and added various advanced equipment such as “welding robot”, “smart welder” and so on to our plant in 2017. The new equipment has greatly improved our quality assurance capacity during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, we were also pushing a “Lean Production” program where we optimized our production plan and process to make our production smoother and more efficient.


Having taking on a corporate philosophy of “Customer First and Quality First”, the unremitting efforts made by the Eurocrane’s Engineering Machinery Division were finally recognized by clients and won Eurocrane a SQEP quality bronze medal from Caterpillar: This is a honor and a new start for us at the same time!


Pursuit of excellence has always been Eurocrane’s core value. We are always making progress, focusing on the future and seeking another success! We will continue to improve our goals by sticking to “Application of new technology”, “Zero defect” and “Eco-production”, build an excellent quality brand for Eurocrane, do our best to help Caterpillar out and build a better future together.


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