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Strengthened technical advantage in middle and high-end niche markets-Eurocrane acquired Voithcrane, a high-end crane brand in Europe



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As an internationally-renowned pioneer in China’s crane and material handling industry, Eurocrane announced that it intended to acquire Austria’s Voithcrane on September 12.

Through this acquisition, Eurocrane would be able to realize strategic expansion in European markets, acquire high-value brands, technologies and teams and form a favorable complement to its existing products and regions. After M&A, both sides can complement each other in multiple aspects, such as technology, market, capital and talent, create synergetic value, achieve an all-round promotion in the automation, intelligence, safety, economy and professionalism, etc. of crane and material handling solutions, further expand the original advantages in middle and high-end crane and material handling equipment market, satisfy the trends of automation, intelligence and unmanned of future factories, realize the extended cooperation in brand and industrial resources and enhance the international influence and competitiveness of the brand.

As a pioneer in automatic cranes, with 73 years of history in independent R&D, design and manufacture of special cranes, Voithcranehas specializes in providing customers with automatic, intelligent, safe and reliable customized material handling solutions. Since the first crane independently developed and manufactured by Voithcrane was launched on the market in 1961, Voithcrane has kept strengthening its technical innovations in automation technologies. On the basis of Siemens S7 control, Voithcrane developed crane control software independently, achieved control over 9 driving systems and equipped itself with EPLAN Electric P8 CAE software, which was more suitable for international standards and the application demands of customers, and achieved full-automatic or intelligent remote control. The automatic control system can ensure the smooth operation of equipment, automatic identification of material height and the precise positioning of lifting. 

Voithcrane occupies an outstanding position in the niche market of special cranes, performs well in professional industries, such as steel, metal, wood, automobile, manufacturing, electric power, papermaking and garbage disposal, etc. and accumulates a broad and stable customer base. Siemens, BMW, Audi, Schuler, Thyssenkrupp, Vestas, Voith Paper, Alstom, Wartsila and many other internationally renowned firms are all long-term users of the company.

“As a pioneer in China’s crane industry, Eurocrane has long been committed to technical innovation and development. We are glad to see that such an excellent special crane brand as Voithcrane can be incorporated into the big family of Eurocrane. With Voithcrane’s strong technologies and rich experience in automatic and special cranes, our R&D in automation and intelligence can be accelerated, more customer bases in high-end and niche markets in the industry will be obtained and the global status of Eurocrane will be promoted. After M&A, Voithcrane will reserve the original team and plants, to better serve customers in the European market. We will offer more financial support, expect that they can provide better technologies for customers, products and services, further expand the share in the European market and achieve better performance in other markets”, said Ms. Jin Hongping, President of Eurocrane.


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